Stonelock Heatmap Re-Edit


Hi, I’m Scott…

My name is Scott Moe. I do marketing work for a variety of biometric companies (Princeton Identity, Identiv, Morpho) in the Security Industry.

I was doing some research on Stonelock and loved your new update to your website. However, I felt that your video Identity Heatmap video on your True Frictionless Solution was a bit long. 

I had an idea

I had an idea and I hope you don't mind. I did a re-edit of the Heatmap Video in the following ways:

  • shortened the overall length (most viewers tune out after 2min)

  • added in a corporate score

  • sped up certain certain sections for flow

You are welcome to keep this edit. You can download the MP4 file via Dropbox here. If you mostly like it, but feel that it could use some additional minor tweaks, let me know.

If you would like to talk

I do have some suggestions on how you might wish to present Stonelock’s various products like the Identity Heatmap in future written and visual content.

All the best,


P.S. I realize that this may be an unconventional way to introduce myself, but you seem like a quality company.