I have a variety of services that I provide to my clients. Here is a short explanation on what they are.


I am adept on creating high-value commercial video for my clients on a variety of formats and mediums.

Ranging from a “run-and-gun” social media videos using smartphones, to quick-paced indie-style films with a DSLR camera, tripod and portable mics, to larger professional productions with crews on a set using high-end cameras, sound and lighting, there is an answer for every budget and creative idea.

Video Development & Production


Inbound Marketing Strategy

I can structure an Inbound marketing system that brings your outreach into the 21st century.

Inbound marketing is about creating valuable experiences that have a positive impact on people and your business. Inbound marketing differs from “traditional marketing” in that you look to create value to prospects long before they are actual customers. By creating interesting and informative content in a variety of formats, you attract potential customers to your website and then keep tabs on their interest so that you can reach out when their ready.


Multimedia Content Development

I Can help your campaign reach the right audience using a variety of visual, auditory and written formats.

On average, most customers require 7 to 8 “touches” from a company before they are ready to talk. Having multiple ways to reach your audience and to provide different “offers” over time is an essential element of any consistent outreach. Aside from video, I excel at creating animation, articles, blog posts, presentations, webinars, and podcasts.


Learning & Development Programs

I can support your employees and customers by providing first-rate educational materials.

Long-gone are the days of thick employee manuals or dry technical books that look read like stereo instructions. Clients, customers and employees are will nearly always look for visual or how-to videos when learning about a subject or product. I have had great success creating e-learning programs for companies like 3M and Macys along with instructional videos for both a variety of audiences. Additionally, my written instructional content works to pull together technical understanding a keen sense of design.