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Support for Thoroughly Thursday

This email was refreshing, especially in light of the turmoil-filled roller coaster that has been this week. Thank you for providing light.
I just wanted to let you know how clever I think your “Thoroughly Thursdays” is. Really enjoying reading it!!
Again, I learn something and it’s funny, quirky, click-away-endorphin-rush-delightful.

Can I just say “thank you”. That might be all, for now. I really look forward to your emails.
Great reading! I need to print it out so that I remember to check out some of your recommendations for reading, music, and others.
Very upbeat reading – look forward to this on Thursdays!
Just a quick note that I love your newsletter! Very refreshing every week. Not sure how you have the time to read, listen, and do all that stuff! Very impressive.

I love your Thursday newsletters. They are very informative AND entertaining.
Love these! Keep ‘em coming!
I always look forward to this in my inbox.
Buy the ticket,
take the ride.
— Hunter S. Thompson